Cathedral of Santa Maria

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1471, rebuilding the old Romanesque cathedral on the same site, the building was not completed until the eighteenth century, so we can find different styles of Spanish religious art combined in the... Seguir leyendo

Roman Route

The Roman Route is a guided tour through which you can see the archaeological remains that have been preserved in the historical center of the city of Astorga. The itinerary allows visiting a section of the moat that was... Seguir leyendo

Gaudí Palace

After the destruction, due to fire, of the previous residence, Bishop Juan Bautista Grau Vallespinós had the present palace built to his fellow countryman and personal friend, the architect Antonio Gaudí. Construction works begin in 1889, but after the... Seguir leyendo

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor, porticoed and quadrangular base, is set over part of the ancient Roman forum of Asturica, reason why it has been public square for more than 2,000 years in Astorga. It is a meeting place for the... Seguir leyendo

Town Hall

Located in the Plaza Mayor, construction works began in 1683 directed by Francisco de la Lastra to be finished in 1704. The building was renovated by Andrés Lozano in 1994, preserving the harmonious original façade of the building, typical... Seguir leyendo

Walls of Astorga

The Roman wall of Astorga, visible at the present time, is built at the end of the III century AD or begining of the next century in the framework of a fortification process that took place in the Iberian... Seguir leyendo

Celda de las Emparedadas

The Celda de las Emparedadas is located between the Chapel of San Esteban and the Church of Santa Marta that is dedicated to the patron saint of the city, and was inaugurated in 1741. The arches of the church... Seguir leyendo




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