The Plaza Mayor, porticoed and quadrangular base, is set over part of the ancient Roman forum of Asturica, reason why it has been public square for more than 2,000 years in Astorga.

It is a meeting place for the astorgans that comes to special life on Tuesdays, given that since medieval times the market of the city is celebrated, in which many vendors offer greens and vegetables from the nearby orchards, fruit, traditional products, charcuterie, beef jerky and cheeses, seasonal products, textiles and footwear etc…

The square is also the scene for important events in the cultural life and festivities of Astorga, as its the place to celebrate events related to the processions of Holy Week and other religious festivities, as well as feast announcements’ and Saturday of Piñata that are carried out from the balcony of the Town Hall, also trade fairs and local industry choose the square for its celebrations and several events related to the historical recreation feasts of the city such as Astures and Romans or recreations set in the Napoleonic period are developed in the Plaza Mayor.

The Town Hall with its elegant Baroque façade presides over the square and adds an added value to the uniqueness of its late 17th century architecture.