Holy Week memorial in our city is a witnessed documentary since the sixteenth century, at which time two brotherhoods were created, born under the guidance of the Franciscan and Benedictine convents: The brotherhood of the Vera Cruz and Confalón in the sixteenth century and Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno and Maria Santísima de la Soledad in the XVII, respectively.

In that first moment the first images and the first processions are created that continue existing until our days.

Holy Week astorgana continues to grow during the eighteenth century, adding new images to the parades and increasing wealth and solemnity thereof.

However, in the early nineteenth century, the disasters of the War of Independence were noticed in the city and especially in Holy Week. Many images and documents were lost, especially painful for the brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene, because the war took almost all of its processional carvings.

After the process to recover everything that was lost during the nineteenth century, at the beginning of the twentieth a new revitalizing impulse is again produced. At Bishop Julián de Diego and Alcolea suggestion, in 1908 the Pro-Promotion Board of Holy Week was created. The goal of the new meeting would be to withdraw celebration from the “state of listlessness”, in addition to the reorganization of the parades and increase the sculptural heritage.

Also during this century, after the Civil War, a new impulse is given with the appearance of new brotherhoods in addition to the commission of new steps.

From 1989 until the present time a new stage of growth of the Holy Week is being lived, that begins with the reorganization of the Board, endowing it with new statutes. From here the work of the Board has focused on the revitalization and dignification of processions, the recovery of lost customs, and aid to the brotherhoods that during these years have increased the number of its members, having created music bands for Holy Week and even a new brotherhood, the one of the Ladies of the Virgin of the Mercy. Also acting as one of the cultural motors of the city through different performances (conferences, competitions, exhibitions, …)

As important milestones in its management, is achieving the Declaration of Regional Tourist Interest in 1997 and the Declaration of National Tourist Interest in 2011 for astorgana Holy Week.