The Roman Route is a guided tour through which you can see the archaeological remains that have been preserved in the historical center of the city of Astorga.

The itinerary allows visiting a section of the moat that was part of the defensive system of the camp of the Legio X Gemina, where the city had its origins. Termas Menores are also visited, the Aedes Augusti, being a temple dedicated to the memory of the emperor and meeting point of the city’s curia, and the portico’s remains of the south zone Forum.

The Route is supplemented by the route through the interior of a section of the sewer system and the visit to a luxurious house, whose owner undoubtedly belonged to one of the highest social groups of Asturica Augusta.

Location & Contact

The route Departs from the Roman Museum and runs through the historical center of Astorga. The museum’s address is Plaza de San Bartolmé,2
987 616 937

Timetables and prices

Common route departure times are 11:00 and 17:00 from the Roman Museum. July August and September are 11:00 and 17:30.*
*The route is closed on Mondays, Sundays and holidays in the afternoon.
Starting point: from the Roman Museum
Single Tickets: 4 €
Group Tickets: 2,50 €
Single Ticket 5 €
Group Ticket 3 €

Additional information

Since this route’s capacity is limited, it is mandatory to check the route’s availability and make a previous reservation at the Roman Museum.